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Me talking about myself

I am a web and graphic designer and I work as a freelance. Sometimes I work for graphic ⁄ web agency.

I live in Verona, Italy, but I think of myself as a North-European citizen since I feel very close to this type of culture and society.

Besides university studies in Biological Sciences, with a specific interest in molecular biology and genetics, I pursued studies in informatics. In the computer I found an instrument to express myself and create graphics, and then I specialized in web and graphic design.

My flair for graphics and design, dating back to my first drawings when I was a child, led me not only to turn them into a job, but also one of my favourite hobbies.

I follow all the evolutions of design, art, graphics and music through blogs, books, magazines, exhibitions, concerts.

Reading is one of my priority; I have a huge quantity of books and their number constantly keeps on increasing.

Though I follow the evolutions and the trends, I let myself be contaminated but not conquered: I absorb, assimilate and then personalize.

I love and I have faith in science and I love art with its infinite possibilities, as well as almost infinite are the capabilities of the human brain producing them.

I love rationality and creativity: they have in common the fact of having infinite potentialities that arrive everywhere and reach everyone with different forms and ways.

As a man of science I am very curious: I am always in search of situations, places, solutions and answers everywhere. I think of myself as a sponge absorbing everything.

I like travelling, visiting places, losing myself in museums and merge into the life of metropolis. Every little event can suddenly be a source of inspiration.

In my mental processes I start from the assumption that there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1, infinite shades of grey between black and white; in my works two conceptions often come out: the contrast and the opposites. In fact they can be minimalist ⁄ basic, mono ⁄ bichromatic or conceived and created with an intense use of colours and details.

How I work

The website is one of the instruments of communication by which the corporate identity is presented to the users.

My works on the web are always painstaking till the single pixel and represent the identity of the customer in a univocal way thanks to a unique and personalized graphics layout and solutions that are appropriately conceived in order to preserve usability, accessibility and surf with ease the web site.

This is the reason why the relation with the customer, the demands and expectations are a top priority for me, so involving the customer in every stage of the project is of primary importance.

I enjoy teamwork, sharing and comparing ideas.

I make use of specific professional figures such as web developer e SEO specialists.


Graphic: Suite Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, Lightroom, Acrobat Pro, Fireworks), FreeHand, Corel Draw.

Web: XHTML, CSS, javascript, CMS.

Courses and qualifications achieved

  • Web Master – Basic and advanced courses
  • Photoshop – Basic and advanced courses
  • Autocad 2006 – Basic and advanced courses
  • Several workshops and meetings organized by Adobe with or without certificates.
  • Computer safety in enterprises – Expert IT Forensic (P.O.R "Mis.6.4" [Computer safety, forensic investigations, computer crimes])
  • Microsoft Office Professional

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Main Skills: Photoshop - Illustrator - inDesign - Flash - Dreamweaver - Lightroom - FreeHand

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About this website

This site is about me.

  • Completely handmade without the use of visual tools for creating web pages.
  • Technology used: HTML, CSS2, CSS3, PHP, javascript, flash.
  • Complies with the W3C markup and CSS2 (not valid for elements in CSS3 because it is not yet a standard, even if different modules are gradually advancing to Candidate Recommendation)
  • This website has not been created to be compatible with Internet Explorer 6: no hacks have been added for my choice.
    IE6 is insecure and unstable, it doesn’t have many of the usability features and web accessibility that other more updated browser have.
    Not updating your browser can be gateway to attacks.

Special Thanks to

  • Ignazio Poligneri, one of the best web developer I know.
  • Carlo Rossi, an Artist, a great source of inspiration.
  • Daniele Leo, for his precious work as a copywriter.

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